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is known for its Shelter, a place where homeless men can eat and sleep.

But it does so much more...


Word of Chief Executive Officer


I am proud to present to you our activity report, which we have called an impact report this year because, more than ever, each of our team’s intervention had a direct impact on improving the living conditions of the men who requested our help.

We have known for years, through the various projects that we have set up, that to counter homelessness we must increase the number of permanent accommodation models and related services. The pandemic has only accelerated our actions in this direction.

Of course, we still offer an emergency shelter for those who are only looking for an answer to their basic needs. However, the efforts of the clinical team are now focused on consolidating our continuum of services and developing long-term solutions. Our project to build a complex comprising 54 studios is also underway.

Taking back in hands one’s life is priceless. Thank you to our public and private partners, on behalf of all those who have benefited from their generosity.

What are
the main
causes of homelessness?

Maison du Père

offers in response

Causeset solutions

«  A little about History...

Since 1969, Maison du Père has been supporting men ages 25 and older who are experiencing homelessness. Trinitarians have managed the Maison for 35 years.

The organization was named by its first residents, a dozen street people who Father Guy Laforte welcomed night after night into a home he had renovated for and with them on Rue St-André.

The chaplain had a clear goal when he created this organization: “I do not want to set up a charitable organization that will only maintain their misery. […]
I want them to become responsible…With me, I want them to rediscover a reason for living by learning
that they can still be useful.

CA Maison

«  Board of directors of Maison du Père

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