Over the weeks, beds became available. The intervention team worked with a fixed and smaller group, allowing them to deepen their interventions and find solutions with the users so that they could benefit from better living conditions.

This is how the traditional refuge was transformed into a welcome and accommodation for referencing center (Centre d’accueil et d’hébergement en référencement, or CAHR).

On March 18, 2020, the pandemic forced Maison du Père to suspend admissions to the Refuge in order to limit its access to one same group of individuals and to reduce the number of users in the dormitories, to meet social distancing standards recommended by Public healthcare officials.

Thus, the 194 men present at the Refuge that evening had the privilege of keeping their beds, as long as they respected the rules of conduct, hygiene and social distancing.


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" These men are no different from you or me. They have the same problems. The only difference, often, is just a safety net, a healthy social network that supports them. It's just a matter of seeing the potential in them, of helping them rebuild this network, this net around them.


Help them, too, to see their own value in themselves."



Pivotal worker, CAHR

Street worker


In 3 month
28 people have found accommodation or have been taken in by a family member


755 newcomers
(first time at
Maison  du Père)

3469  refusal because of lack of space and as much referencing

63 199
nights of accomodations

How it works


We have kept some of the dormitory beds for emergency accommodation needs, but the majority of them (96) are dedicated to homeless men who participate in the program and agree to engage in a social reintegration and residential stability process. They must also be involved in a technical activity of the House: food service, housekeeping, laundry, etc. This is a first step to re-affiliate socially.

Participants in the CAHR program have a worker to support them in their efforts. They also benefit from all the services to meet their basic needs for a period of 4 months (accommodation, meals, hygiene care, clothing, etc.).

At the end of this period, they must chose their stabilization plan: integrate a social reintegration program from Maison du Père or another organization, integrate a retirement home or a long-term care center, integrate housing with or without supervision, etc.

So that every street finds an exit ...