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There are many paths to homelessness. For some, it is a simple misstep. For others, it is a long process of social disaffiliation caused by many factors, both personal and structural: substance consumption, mental health, shortage of affordable housing, systemic discrimination, etc.
Housing support is essential for some of them, in order to avoid a return to the streets.

This is why Maison du Père has developed various integration and housing maintenance programs.

HP Refuge
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« Our final goal is that 
they no longer need us 
and Maison du Père.» 


Caseworker, In-home assistance



Maison du Père manages the 57 low-cost studio appartments of Maison Wolfe. More than a place of long-term accommodation, it is a living environment that encourages active living and mutual aid between tenants. Workers take turns to provide psychosocial support, avoid crisis situations and refer men to public and community services in the neighborhood so that they can increase their autonomy and improve their living conditions. Community support promotes residential stability for people in need of light supervision.


More than 200 men benefit from the external monitoring services of Maison du Père. They are in private housing, social housing or rooming houses distributed in the various districts of Montreal. Some people only need a budget framework to ensure the payment of their rent. For others, support will be more intensive and will require the help of a multidisciplinary team to meet the specific needs of the participant: financial trust, health care, psychosocial support, help with groceries and home cleaning, etc.

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