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Our emergency shelter receives an average of 768 men experiencing their first episode of homelessness each year.
This situation negates all the positive results that the response teams have recorded on a daily basis, in terms of the residential stability of the homeless people they support. One of the causes is the lack of awareness of possible solutions by public service professionals.

Shelters must stop being the first reflex of referral. They should be considered as the last resort.

It is essential to preserve the residential identity of an individual so that they can retain all their rights as a citizen and their rights to access public and private services. Emergency accommodation does not allow this identity to be kept.

HP Refuge
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« More than ever, we want to share our expertise and our access to various resources with other partners to end systemic homelessness. »

Duane Mansveld
Homelessness Prevention Network Coordinator



Maison du Père has set up a prevention hotline to guide health and social services professionals in their search for resources adapted to the specific needs of people grappling with situations of expulsion leading to homelessness. Our pivotal referencing worker makes sure to find a resource and services adapted to the specific needs of the person, taking into account their residential identity, their age, their state of physical and mental health, their autonomy, etc.


We want to improve this phone line project by creating a bilingual homelessness prevention web platform, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to contribute to the development of a network of frontline professionals; make available a series of reliable information on organizations related to homelessness; also make available the possible resources according to particularities and needs (age, sex, goals, etc.); and collect statistics on the needs and paths of people experiencing homelessness, for analysis and guidance.

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La Maison du Père presented its project for a digital prevention platform in homelessness, dedicated to health and social services professionals as well as public security. We are proud to have been a finalist in two categories! The game is not over, we will continue to carry this wonderful project until its completion!

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