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Welcome to the professional section of Maison du Père website.

Maison du Père's mission is to support men who are homeless or in a precarious situation. Our continuum of clinical services includes homelessness prevention, access to specific health care, social integration and housing maintenance programs, as well as a private residence for seniors. Our goal is to provide adapted solutions to help these men regain their dignity and place in society. We are here to support these men on their journey, from prevention to social inclusion.

To request a service from Prévention, Accès santé, one of the Reintegration programs or JADS Residence, please send the signed consent form to:



Our Prevention service aims to maintain a person's home address for their well-being, safety and access to public and private services.

Accès Santé


Accès Santé is a short-term program, which can last from 3 weeks to 3 months based on the referring team recommendations. It offers convalescence services, oncological follow-ups, palliative care and a program for injection drug users (IDU)

514 845-0168, ext. 233



Reintegration at Maison du Père includes various medium and long-term programs adapted men in vulnerable situation. The goal is to help men regain a healthy lifestyle and their place in the community.

514 845-0168, ext. 233

Registrations for the studios of the Robert Lemaire Pavilion are accepted until July 31, 2023



Maison du Père operates a private residence for senior men who have experienced homelessness. They are housed in private rooms, in accordance with the standards issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It is suitable for autonomous and semi-autonomous people since assistance services are available.

514 845-0168, ext. 233

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