The J.A. DeSève Residence ensures the well-being of seniors experiencing homelessness. They cannot fall back on other senior homes because they have low incomes and complex challenges. Living conditions on the streets caused these men to age prematurely. 

More and more seniors find themselves on the streets for the first time.

We need to find solutions. Ageing with dignity must be a priority


« Everyone is equally important here, that’s why I love my work so much. »

Nurse aid, 
J.A. DeSève Residence

« Retirement isn’t as easy as people think… at the J.A. DeSève residence, I feel safe. »

Raymond, 65 years old


Average stay time: 
5,1 years

Average Age: 

67 years old

69,8 %

have mental health issue

( depression,
bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.  )


have physical 

health issue

95 % are able to maintain housing stability

95 % are able to maintain housing stability

How it works

The J.A. De Sève Residence provides long-term housing for men aged 50 and over who have experienced homelessness, have suffered or are suffering from addiction and/or physical or mental health issues, and who want to get off the street. The majority of them have no social network or family support

With a capacity of 82, the Residence offers a wide range of services, including private rooms, three meals and three snacks a day, hygiene care, individual follow-up based on an intervention plan established according to the resident’s issues, administration of medications, accompaniment to medical appointments, etc. In addition, residents can count on regular visits by specialists, such as doctors, nurses and social workers. Numerous social activities are also scheduled.

The mandatory trustee service includes cheque cashing, bill payment and help managing a monthly budget. Other administrative services, such as help preparing tax returns, wills and even funeral arrangements, are also available to residents. The costs of the services and of occupying a room at the Residence are set according to each individual’s income.