The community health care services of Maison du Père were created in 2013 to reach a population who would otherwise not consult in the conventional health system due, among other things, to the discrimination of which they are often victims.

In addition to providing emergency care and supervising the convalescence stays of homeless men, the Maison du Père clinical team sees to the well-being of the seniors of the Residence and the participants in the social reintegration program.

Thanks to these services adapted to the reality of users, we are able to treat men who were previously resistant to getting any kind of treatment.


« I had a fever, and I was ex-tremely tired. Since the staff at the residence was very vigi-lant, they immediately sent me to the hospital. [...]  


am lucky to be staying in a Residence that does everything possible to protect the lives of its residents.  »


Résident, J.A. DeSève



En 2020, en raison de la pandémie, les services de convalescence et de soins palliatifs de la Maison du Père ont dû être fermés.  L’équipe clinique s’est concentrée à l’observation, la consultation et le référencement des cas suspects de COVID-19 et à la prise en charge des personnes diagnostiquées positives par le réseau de la santé

165 days of confinement to rooms

93 - April to July 2020

72 - January 2020
to March 2021

screening tests

doctor's visits

monitoring of the clinical team

positive cases

How it works

We are confident that the Maison du Père clinical team will be able to resume all of its services to the itinerant population during the year 2021:

  • Emergency care (disinfection of wounds, frostbites, etc.);

  • 8 convalescence beds (post-operative care, medication management, bandages, vital signs, medical support, referrals);

  • 2 private rooms for oncology treatments;

  • Participant education (ex: glycemic control);

  • Administrative support (renewal of the health insurance card);

  • Follow-ups and referrals of users to better adapted resources (healthcare network, therapy center, social reintegration).

In its approach, Maison du Père clinical team does more than treat medical emergencies. It takes into account the needs of patients as a whole, their reality as disaffiliated men.

Since its creation in 2013, more than 15,000 overnight stays have been offered in the convalescence service of Maison du Père. The majority of patients had been referred by the Healthcare Network because of lack of space, to provide the required post-hospital care and follow-ups. The needs are therefore real and essential.

The convalescence service at Maison du Père is also, for many, an opportunity for social reintegration. After their stay, many choose to integrate a social reintegration program into a residence adapted to their needs.


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