The community healthcare service, which includes a convalescent care wing, takes care of men who come to them to help minimize deteriorations in their health.

We do not duplicate existing services.

Thanks to our services, which have been adapted to the realities of our users, we successfully take care of men who were previously unresponsive to all treatments. Our actions help reduce healthcare costs.


« Doctors diagnosed various health issues caused by diabetes that had been untreated during his years living on the street. He didn’t have any relatives, friends or a home, so he was welcomed into Maison du Père’s convalescent care unit where he stayed for six months.»


 J.A. DeSève Resident


En 2020, en raison de la pandémie, les services de convalescence et de soins palliatifs de la Maison du Père ont dû être fermés.  L’équipe clinique s’est concentré à l’observation, la consultation et le référencement des cas suspects de COVID-19 et à la prise en charge des personnes diagnostiquées positives par le réseau de la santé


for 177 men

8 convalescent beds


2 palliative
care beds

Average stay time : 

24,9 days


are 55 years old or older

62% organized departures

(to another
more appropriate organization, housing,
relatives, etc.)

How it works

Maison du Père’s community health care service, which includes eight convalescent units, was set up in June 2013 in response to the growing number and complexity of the health issues facing the Shelter’s users.

Two major realities warranted such a service. First of all, current housing programs for short-term care provided by the health and social services network include certain requirements such as having an address, which excludes the homeless population. Secondly, because of their lifestyle, homeless people have trouble complying with the network’s formal and informal rules: valid health insurance card, showing up for appointments, following treatments, etc. 

In addition to providing emergency care at the Shelter and supervising convalescent stays, the Maison du Père’s clinical team gives medical examinations to all participants in the social reintegration program so that it can direct them promptly to the appropriate resources.


The intent of this project is not to have the Maison du Père replace already existing health services, but to develop links with professionals in this field in order to prevent major deterioration in the health of the men it supports and enable them to rejoin the health network.

These services are free. However, inclusion and exclusion criteria have been established for access to our convalescent services.


Because they are without families or supportive social networks, the Maison du Père makes funeral arrangements for a significant portion of its users. In 2018, the Trinitarians performed over 30 funerals.

With its employees, volunteers and residents, the Maison du Père is often the only family these men have.
That is why, in 2017, the Maison added four palliative care rooms to its services, so that its residents and men in the Shelter can remain their normal environment for as long as possible, surrounded by loved ones, so they can die in dignity like 
all Canadians.

To do this, the Maison formed an agreement with the Société des soins palliatifs à domicile du Grand Montréal. This Société has been active for nearly 40 years, and gives the Maison du Père access to its team of professionals to support the homeless men.