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This year has been filled with challenges, but as always, Maison du Père has been able to adapt to continue offering its many services to men experiencing homelessness.

Let's be proud to be part
of the great family of Maison du Père. 


Our actions change lives!


We are proud to present our 2019 Activity Report. Take a few moments to read it: it gives an excellent overview of the many services offered by Maison du Père, and presents some interesting statistics and facts. 


On December 9, 2020, it is with great sadness that Maison du Père learned of the death, at the age of 83, of Father Sylvio Michaud.

He was the Director General, and then Associate Director of Maison du Père, between 1984 and 2011, and devoted a large part of his life to supporting and defending the rights of homeless people. An active member of the Réseau d'aide aux personnes seules et itinérantes de Montréal (RAPSIM), he also sat on the board of directors of the Renaissance organization.

A man of ideas and projects, he was the co-founder of the J.A. DeSève Residence, which today looks after the well-being of 88 seniors who have experienced homelessness. It was also under his leadership, in 2004, that Maison du Père doubled its reception capacity in order to promote the social reintegration of men from the streets.

In 2010, he was granted the Order of Canada, the highest honorary decoration, to recognize the magnitude of
his accomplishments, which have helped improve the lives of thousands of destitute people.In recent years, he had been living in retirement in Granby at the Maison de spiritualité des Trinitaires, but his attachment to Maison du Père always remained strong.

Father Michaud, in the name of all the men who were able to take back control of their life after crossing your path, a big thank you.



Mr. Robert Lemaire is a businessman who worked for over 30 years as a medical transportation coordinator at Air Canada. He passed away on January 23, 2019, surrounded by his closest friends.

A few weeks before his death, after careful consideration, he transmitted his last wishes to his notary: to make Maison du Père his universal legatee, because its mission was close to his heart, but also because he had been impressed by its organization. and the dedication of its staff during a visit to the organization.

Maison du Père is known for its emergency shelter service, which provides food and accommodation for homeless men. Yet its action to counter homelessness is even more important. In addition to meeting the basic needs of the men from the streets, it helps them move towards autonomy, with compassion and respect, thanks to its many accommodation solutions.

This is what he wanted to contribute after he left…

However, the sum given is quite important. He therefore asked a friend to ensure that his wishes are respected. "Our friend Robert was a generous being, both in his unfailing availability and in the good he did for those around him. What made him particularly different was his outlook on others: never a negative comment, always a positive thought to justify behaviors that would have bothered more than one."

It is therefore with honor that Maison du Père
accepted this responsibility.

After some discussions between those in charge of the succession and the Maison du Père Foundation, it was understood that Mr. Lemaire's bequest will be used mainly for the development of housing and social support projects for Maison du Père. It will provide for the developpement of the premises and part of the cost of its operations, particularly in terms of support and intervention staff.

One of the accommodation complexes will have 54 studios for independent people aged 50 and over who have been homeless for various reasons. It will bear the name of Robert Lemaire, in his memory.