This year has been filled with challenges, but as always, Maison du Père has been able to adapt to continue offering its many services to men experiencing homelessness.

Let's be proud to be part
of the great family of Maison du Père. 


Our actions change lives!

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Argon and André

On the way to our discussion, the interviewee walks, proud and calm, impassive and disciplined, passing through the Ave Maria room, looking straight ahead. This room hosts various activities for the men of the streets staying at Maison du Père. Some of the men there look up to catch a glimpse of our special guest. Suddenly, the screams of young female case workers resound. “Argon!!!”, they exclaim. Our guest is popular enough around Maison du Père to make many people jealous. Obviously, the fact that he walks on all fours and has a thick, lustrous coat takes nothing away from his allure.


Quite the contrary.



David Goudreault is a Quebec columnist, novelist, poet, performer and social worker. Despite his busy schedule, he accepted the challenge given by an employee of Maison du Père.

Here is the rhythmic improvisation he dedicated to us.


» Hello my sisters, hello my brothers from Maison du Père.

David Goudreault here, an alcoholic and a dependent, in recovery...
who wishes you a nice day, a good 24 hours.

We're going to try to take it one day at a time, that's already a lot to do...

There is our friend André Leroux, who asked me to do you a little freestyle, improvise a poem with a few words:

homelessness, hope, family, drugs, temptation, sadness,
anger, road to recovery, addiction.

Big words…
Bad words that are at the heart of our lives,
mine, like yours...

So, I'll try to make do with all of this.

Hi! I am Argon,
canine employee of Maison du Père.
I comfort the men it accommodates, promote exchanges between them and workers, and even defuse crises!


Mr. Robert Lemaire is a businessman who worked for over 30 years as a medical transportation coordinator at Air Canada. He passed away on January 23, 2019, surrounded by his closest friends.

A few weeks before his death, after careful consideration, he transmitted his last wishes to his notary: to make Maison du Père his universal legatee, because its mission was close to his heart, but also because he had been impressed by its organization. and the dedication of its staff during a visit to the organization.


We are proud to present our 2019 Activity Report. Take a few moments to read it: it gives an excellent overview of the many services offered by Maison du Père, and shows some interesting statistics and facts.