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Yanick Beaulieu

Director of Operations

Maison du Père's operations department has more than 40 employees, out of a total of nearly 120 for the entire organization. For everyone to work together for the same mission, it is important to know how to coordinate each other's efforts. This is what Yanick contributes to, as Maison du Père's Director of Operations.

Yanick now works for Maison du Père after having held similar positions in the hotel industry. He is a tall fellow, but becomes little intimidating after experiencing his disarming affability and sly humor. He is in charge of 3 departments: the food service, the real estate service, and the laundry, thrift shop and sorting department.

For his job, Yanick must first make sure that the actions of these 3 departments are consistent with the clinical service's. “It's kind of like being the quarterback. You pass the football so  people can score points. You’re not the one scoring,” he says. He also needs to help settle disputes, and foster improvement. "I'm here to see the big picture, and then to push employees to become better at what we do... to waste less time, to be more efficient. My job is to make sure that we do things right, and that we give as much as possible to the participants," he adds.

He must also ensure the control of operating costs, and coordinate repairs to the building. That, with the coordination of the staff, is very similar to what he did in the hotel industry. What is different is that the work is more rewarding. In the hotel industry, one has to manage the expectations of demanding customers in order to make more money. At Maison du Père, you have to deal with the needs of the participants: a good meal, a clean bed, hot water and clothes in good condition.


“I can remember multiple occasions when hotel guests would tell me that they were very dissatisfied with things like a pulled thread in a towel or a sheet that was not perfectly ironed, unworthy of a top quality hotel,” he says. Now "our participants let me know that they greatly appreciate the very clean sheets and towels we provide them, which are donations often received from these same hotels. It illustrates for me all the difference between my old life as a hotel manager and my new life at Maison du Père."

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