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Patiente, listening... and success!

Mr. Tremblay arrived with his walker to the emergency shelter service of Maison du Père. He had just handed in his "resignation", as he put it so well, at the residence where he had been living for some time. He had given them 2 weeks’ notice, but the decision was taken to end his stay immediately. Mr. Tremblay has always been a vagabond, and rather marginal. When he meets his social worker, he does not go through four paths and lets it be known that he has daily consumption habits that he wishes to maintain, such as cannabis and cigarettes. Former teacher, Mr. Tremblay loves to read and learn.


The goal for Mr. Tremblay is to find a stable place to live. However, he categorically refuses to go to a seniors' residence...


Several months go by and constant work is being done together with, among others, addiction agents. Due to a health problem, he is also closely monitored in the hospital. Mr. Tremblay finally decides to apply for a room at the J.A. DeSève Residence in Maison du Père. He has been living here since February 2021!

Recently, Mr. Tremblay was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Even though he probably doesn't have much time to live, he is very well surrounded. A nursing team and a doctor come to see him regularly in order to provide him with some comfort and end-of-life care. Monsieur continues to enjoy reading. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


we have come quite a long way, but with our determination and his good cooperation work, we managed to offer him a stable environment where he can rest.

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