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David Goudreault's 

David Goudreault is a Quebec columnist, novelist, poet, performer and social worker. Despite his busy schedule, he accepted the challenge given by an employee of Maison du Père.

Here is the rhythmic improvisation he dedicated to us.

D.Goudreault par sacha bourque.jpg

© photo Sacha Bourque

 Hello my sisters, hello my brothers from Maison du Père.

David Goudreault here, an alcoholic and an addict, in recovery who wishes you a nice day, a good 24 hours.

We're gonna try to take it one day at a time, that's already a lot to do...

There is our friend André Leroux, who asked me to make for you a little freestyle, improvise a poem with a few words:

homelessness, hope, family, drugs, temptation, sadness, anger, road to recovery, addiction.

Big words… Big words that are at the heart of our lives, mine, like yours...

So, I'll try to make do with all of this.

It's with these own words
that I'm going to improvise,
to tell you that the road towards a home
can be beautiful,
that homelessness can even be beautiful,
if we take the opportunity to enter within ourselves,
to make ourselves better in this world,
even if sometimes we lose hope,
we are far from our families, our children,
our girlfriends,

the best may be yet to come,
the best may be what’s to come...

We won't find it at the bottom of a small bag,
it’s not in drugs that you can thrive.

Despite all the temptations,
everything that takes us away
from who we really are
and from our passions,

it's worth it to tread beyond the sadness,
to rediscover joy, to let go of anger,
and see what we look like
when we get to the end of our road to recovery,
one step at a time.

Overcoming our addictions
even if we must depend on each other,
when you think about it...
we mostly depend on our own selves,
so every day we have to make the right choice.

It’s not so easy ... but it can make life better. Thanks to all the beautiful Maison du Père gang.

Thank you André for the opportunity to salute all of those who move forward with you.

This was David Goudreault who offered you these few words and who wishes you a good 24 hours, one day for each craving, one day at a time, we'll get there.

Take care!

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