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This 31st edition of the Marathon Beneva de Montréal 2023, Maison du Père needs your participation in support of its users. For the second year in a row, Maison du Père is part of the charity program Run with Heart.


Participants can contribute by running on the behalf of Maison du Père and launch their own fundraising campaign for a good cause or send a donation.


The marathon reflects the journey of people coming to Maison du Père. They demonstrate resilience, perseverance and courage throughout their journey.


Together, let's fight against homelessness and precariousness.

Let's support men in their marathon against homelessness!

Register individually, as a team or encourage participants
by making a donation!

 Donation to a participant

Sathurday September 23 2023

1 km

5 km

10 km

Sunday September 24 2023

21,1 km

42,2 km

Our collective goal : 25 000 $ 

The funds raised will be used to finance departure kits for future residents of the Robert Lemaire Complex (Pots, pans, dishes, cleaning products, beddings, etc.).  This new project will allow 54 homeless men to regain residential stability in a clean, safe and accessible studio since the cost of rent will be adapted to their income, which is modest.


These men will also benefit from the support of psychosocial and recreation workers to favor their social inclusion.

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