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Make a donation to Maison du Père

Fill your employer form for matching gift donation

or Maison du Père form 

Your employer ensures that your request meets the conditions of their program

Your employer confirms the donation with Maison du Père


Your business sends a check to complete the donation match




For the employer...

A matching gift program is a benefit that many companies offer to their staff. It encourages employees to give to an organization and increases the impact of their contribution by making a matching donation.

Companies of all sizes choose to set up a donation matching program. It's an easy and structured way to support an organization in your community. In addition, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an important factor that increasingly influences the public's opinion of a company. Show your clients and employees that you care about the community mission of the Maison du Père!


Each company oversees the program according to its resources and objectives: :

  • You can set a minimum and a maximum for the amount of donations that your business will match.

  • You can set a time limit between the employee's donation and their request for an equivalent donation. For example, the company could establish that after 6 months from the date of the initial donation, it will be too late to apply for a matched donation.

  • Your business can choose an industry, or a specific organization. For example, you could choose to encourage organizations that are involved in health, housing, homelessness, or even simply select Maison du Père.

  • The business can double, triple or even quadruple the amount donated.

  • You can consider donations from the spouses of your employees, your retired staff, or your volunteers.

For the employee

If your business has a matching gift program, the amount of your donation to Maison du Père could double and even triple. You can significantly increase your impact in the heart of the community by leveraging your employer's generosity!


Check with your Human Resources Department to find out if a matching gift program is already in place. If this is the case, find out about the conditions to be met (amount, deadline, type of organization, etc.) for your donation to be eligible.


Fill out the appropriate form and send it to Maison du Père Foundation.


  • You will increase the impact of your donation, without having to spend more.

Benefits :


  • Your business will receive a tax receipt equal to the amount of the donation.

  • It's an easy way to promote your CSR

  • Encourages employee philanthropic engagement

  • Allows you to build solid links with a community

  • Improves the company's reputation

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