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Paul Bélanger ...
 and his family

Deceased, 69 ans

He didn't chose to be homeless...

Paul Story

In 2003, Mr. Paul Bélanger came to the Maison du Père Refuge for the first time. Since then, he has benefited from the services of our organization in an episodic way.


At the beginning of July, he experienced some discomfort, without worrying too much. However, Tuesday, July 12, while he was chatting quietly with users of the House, Mr. Bélanger collapsed on the ground, victim of a convulsive crisis. It was a worker who telephoned an ambulance to go quickly to the emergency room to see a doctor. It turns out that the few ailments experienced in previous weeks by Mr. Bélanger were angina, and he had just had a heart attack. Mr. Bélanger underwent a major intervention during which the problematic artery was opened, and a stent was installed. After having given him his prescription, the doctor dischargehim, disregarding the fact that he had no place of residence. Weakened and in a sorry state, Mr. Bélanger went to the Maison du Père to queue, without asking to be admitted to the convalescent unit.


The Refuge team then notes his poor condition and leads him to convalescence, where his condition will be stabilized. Mr. Bélanger states that the clinical team at Maison du Père is remarkable. Attendants, nurses and caregivers provide care with professionalism and precision. Each strives to answer patients' questions honestly and transparently. They do a good follow-up and ensure the well-being of everyone. Moreover, the place is always very clean.



Without the convalescence unit, Mr. Paul Bélanger could not have recovered his energy. Alone, in the street in these times of overwhelming heat, without the care of our team, his recovery would probably have been much more difficult, if not impossible.

... and it's family

In only one year, the Trinitarians of Father's House celebrate nearly 30 funerals. To pay tribute to those men we accompany to the end, we try to make contact with the family of the deceased and invite them to join us for a ceremony. This is the experience lived by the Bélanger family who came to the Maison du Père to say a last goodbye to a loved one they had not seen for 30 years. Ginette, his sister, gives us a touching testimony.

First, we were warmly welcomed. Br. Marc showed us around: we saw the place my brother frequented. It was good to see the cleanliness and respect of the participants in this organization. He must have felt good.

We were able to collect ourselves alone with Paul's urn, in the chapel, before the beginning of the ceremony. After his social workers said a few words about him, I spoke: Wow! I did not know that my brother was loved that much. You are beautiful to see. It's been 30 years since my brother disappeared from my life. He was so close to me, without me knowing it! We all need attention, love and respect, and I see it all here tonight. It warms my heart.

Then, my son:

*Swear*! I have just received a significant lesson in life. To see that my uncle Paul had a second family that stands and respects ... Bravo! I will leave here with my heart filled with friendship, joy, sincerity and a new family. Thank you.

A big thank you to the team of the Maison Du Père for this beautiful day full of love. Thank you!

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