Maison Wolfe rooming house resident


He didn't chose to be homeless...

I came to Maison du Père at the beginning of June 2014. I used the Shelter’s services and then I did daily morning tasks like taking sheets off and putting clean sheets back on in the dorms, cleaning toilets and sweeping and mopping the floors, all so I wouldn’t have to go back out on the street after leaving Maison du Père every morning after breakfast. 

 In mid-August, I was supposed to start a new math upgrade course at the Centre de Formation Professionnel Paul Gérin-Lajoie (vocational training centre) in Vaudreuil-Dorion for a two-year DVS in water treatment process management. All the preparations for these courses were finished before I even came to Maison du Père. A social worker at the Shelter accommodated me for lunches and special entry times.

Unfortunately, I cancelled everything soon after the program started. I couldn’t concentrate and certain things in my personal life weren’t sorted out. But all of that was really important to me because I worked as an unskilled labourer for eight years and nine months in a factory that made water treatment chemicals. Becoming a water treatment plant operator has been a childhood dream.

After that, I used the Transit service, which gave me some stability in my personal life.

After reflecting for five months, I decided to return to the workforce, because doing nothing is really bad for me.

I created my resume on the computers that Maison du Père has for that. And then I took a computer class offered by a volunteer at the Maison because I didn’t know how to send my resume by Internet.

Of course, I was also able to take advantage of knowledge shared by several social workers and use the excellent employability service.

None of this was done in vain because I got two job offers in two days in February 2015. I chose the one that had a lower salary, because learning how several machines worked was more interesting for me. Plus, they offered me salary increases every three months.

After a week of work, my thighs started to swell, especially on my left leg. It was getting more painful, so I went to see a doctor at the clinic doctor who told me I probably had a herniated disk. She wanted me to take a medical leave, which I refused after my first week of work. I kept working for three more weeks until I couldn’t stand up anymore. After medical diagnostic imaging, I found out that foraminal stenosis was causing this.

I’m waiting to see a physiatrist. In the meantime, since inactivity is my enemy, a social worker suggested that I get involved as a volunteer to keep up my motivation. We went down to the cafeteria and there were some people who were addressing envelopes near Maison du Père Foundation’s offices. It was perfect for me because you sit down to do the work. So I voluntarily decided to participate. Now every time there are envelopes to do, I’m there.

 I’ve been living at Maison Wolfe for two years and using the trust service since I came to Maison du Père.

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