Jacques,  60 years old

Shelter user

Kitchen technical assistant

He didn't chose to be homeless...

Jacques, age 60, arrived at the Shelter for the first time on January 25, 2017.

He had worked in the restaurant industry his entire life. For the past year, he had worked for the same restaurant owner, often putting in 50 or 60 hours per week. His employer paid him for 40 hours, promising that the accumulated hours would be paid for holidays, illness, etc.

At the end of the first year, when Jacques wanted to use his accumulated hours, his employer told him he would never pay for them.

Faced with this abuse of power, Jacques quit his job. And, since he lived above the restaurant, he also lost his housing. So he found another room and applied for EI. However, because he had quit his job voluntarily, his EI application was denied.

He didn’t have any financial resources, so he quickly went through his savings and found himself at Maison du Père’s Shelter for the first time at 60 years old.

A social worker met with him the first evening he arrived and several processes were started so that Jacques could quickly leave his homeless situation. First, the social worker helped him complete a social assistance application. Jacques did not want to do this, but understood that the unemployment appeal process was likely to be lengthy and that he need to secure an income. The social worker then signed him up for the legal clinic so that he could get assistance with his EI appeal process. Jacques had also accumulated several tickets. So the social worker registered him in a community service program with another organization to pay off this debt. This work ended at the end of April.

Jacques also got involved as a technical assistant at Maison du Père. He donates his time in the kitchen. On April 14, he had an interview for a job with a salary subsidy. He also found housing in June 2017.

With support from Maison du Père, Jacques paid his fines, found housing and secured a job in the restaurant field, all in three months. He is also in the process of settling his dispute with the EI office.

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